How to create a Page Break on the PDF document

Page Break is the simplest way to move part of the text to the next page or to create free space on one of the pages.

To add it to the PDF document follow the next steps:

1. Open your WordPress admin Dashboard, open the PDF & Print Settings Page.

2. Find the “PDF & Print” Shortcode section on the right. In this section, find the [bws_pdfprint_pagebreak] shortcode and copy it.

3. Open a page or a post in "Edit" mode, choose the place where it should be paginated on PDF view, and paste the shortcode.

4. The content after the shortcode will be placed on the next pages of the PDF file. Click the “Update” button to save changes.

The shortcode will not affect the display of content on the front end, all content on the site itself will be displayed as before.

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