How can I add different styles to PDF and Print pages?

If the "Full Page Capture to PDF" option is enabled then you can't affect on styles because the plugin will mirror what is shown on screen.

If "Full Page PDF" is disabled you can add CSS styles into PDF/Print versions. To do that, go to the plugin settings page, switch to the "Output" tab, find the "Custom CSS" section, mark "Enable to add custom CSS code to documents." checkbox and enter the required styles. You can use the class 'pdfprnt_pdf'(pdfprnt_print) in order to add some styles only for PDF(Print) pages.

For example:

body p {
color: green;
.pdfprnt_print p {
color: red;

We'd like to note that some styles cannot be applied to PDF/Print versions. MPDF library is used for their generation. Here you can find which styles are supported by this library -

This article related to PDF & Print by BestWebSoft plugin

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