Why are PDF & Print buttons not displayed in the custom post type?

In Free version, you can display PDF & Print buttons in the custom post types. In order to do that, please make sure that you have the checkboxes of the necessary custom post type in "Add Button to" PDF and Print options enabled. Then save changes.

In Pro version, it is also possible to display PDF & Print buttons in the custom post types. For that, go to "Display" tab and check whether the necessary custom post type is selected below the PDF and Print options. Don't forget to save changes. 

For both plugin versions:

Check displaying the buttons on the specified pages in the front end of your site. If buttons are still not displayed, please complete the following:

1. Try activating a standard WordPress theme for a while (Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen) and check if the problem remains.

2. Try deactivating all of your plugins except PDF & Print by BestWebSoft and also check if the problem is still present. If it is not, activate the plugins one-by-one, meanwhile checking, after which plugin activation the problem appears again. 

Also, if you are using a custom template you should paste the following string to the custom post or page template in order to use PDF and Print buttons:
– in the top of the post or page template
<?php do_action( 'bwsplgns_display_pdf_print_buttons', 'top' ); ?>

– in the bottom of the post or page template
<?php do_action( 'bwsplgns_display_pdf_print_buttons', 'bottom' ); ?>

You can specify some query parameters for your post. For example:
<?php do_action( 'bwsplgns_display_pdf_print_buttons', 'bottom', 'post_type=gallery&orderby=post_date' ); ?>

<?php do_action( 'bwsplgns_display_pdf_print_buttons', 'bottom', array( 'post_type'=>'gallery', 'orderby'=>'post_date' ) ); ?>

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