How to resize and crop Gallery plugin thumbnails correctly?

Please follow the next steps in order to setup resizing and cropping correctly:

  1. Go to Global Settings plugin page -> "Settings"/"Cover"/"Lightbox" tabs.
  2. Select "Thumbnail (150*150)" in "Image Size"/"Cover Image Size" options. If you need to set another size, please select "Custom" and type the necessary values in the fields below.
  3. Make sure you have the "Crop Images"/"Crop Cover Images"/"Crop Lightbox Images" option marked. Then select the necessary position in the "Crop position" option.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Click "Update images" button on the plugin settings page, and wait for all images to get updated.

WordPress will create a copy of the thumbnail with the specified dimensions when you upload a new image.

Please note that "Crop images" option is available only in the Pro version and only images of custom size can be cropped.

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