How to add an image from the Media library into the gallery?

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Сlick "Add New" in the "Galleries" menu and fill out your page.
  2. Add or Upload pictures via "Add Media" button. 
  3. Save the page.

For a version older than 4.3.6

Since our Gallery plugin works with attached images, it cannot be done by standard means.
However, you can re-attach previously downloaded images to your gallery. Please note: after this, the image won't be available as an attachment in that post to which it was attached earlier.
You can re-attach images using our plugin Re-attacher.

With this plugin, you can reattach previously uploaded images to other posts, as well as detach files from the post completely. Re-attacher allows you to manage both single files and groups of files. This plugin makes using our Gallery and Portfolio plugins a lot more convenient, as you won't have to upload new images each time you may need them on your gallery or portfolio pages.

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