Contact Form plugin not working (not sending emails)/Sorry, email message could not be delivered

Follow the steps below in order to fix this problem:

  • Check the plugin settings > Sending Method > change the lines from "Wp-mail" to "Mail" and vice versa.
  • Email messages can be marked as spam on your server. Please choose another email instead of the admin address. For example, your personal Gmail. You can change it via the "Use this email" option. If the message is sent, it means that email filtering is set on your server.
  • Install and configure SMTP plugin


Additional info:

How to Use Contact Form - Step-by-step Instruction

SMTP - How to Use Instruction


Submit a support request if the problem still remains. Please include the following information when contacting support:

  1. URL of the page where Contact Form is located (make sure that the plugin is activated and the form is displayed on the page).
  2. Log generated by the SMTP plugin after sending the test message. 

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