Can I install Unity demo-data?

Unity theme provides an option to install demo-data on the site to demonstrate the theme's functionality. Please go to Appearance > Theme settings and click the "Install demo-data" button.

This functionality has been developed for newly installed sites, on which no posts have been created yet. Nevertheless, you can install demo data even if you already have some content.

The installation includes:

  • saving the previous settings of Unity theme
  • creation of a test category
  • set status of "Sample Page" page as "Draft"
  • recording of 8 posts and 6 pages to display different types of content
  • import of 5 test images to the media library
  • creation of 3 slides and setting the slider's display on the main page
  • setting "Home" page display on the main page
  • display of the recent posts on "Blog" page
  • display of additional widgets in widget-panels ( in case there aren't any widgets in the admin panel )

If you are going to install demo data on your site, which already contains some information, we strongly recommend you to make the database backup to be able to restore the data.

If an error occurred when installing the demo-data, we recommend you to check the site's content for any errors in its work. If you detect any errors, you can delete the demo-data by clicking the "Delete demo-data" button on the theme settings page or delete the demo-data manually.

If an error occurred when deleting the demo-data, we recommend you to view the site content and make sure that there isn't any demo-data on the website. If there is some demo-data on the site (posts or pages with the prefix "DEMO", images named "blog-thumb-{some digit}.jpg" in the media library, demo-slides in the slider's settings) we recommend you to delete it manually and adjust the site settings, if necessary.

When deleting the demo-data from your site, all demo-data will be deleted and the previous settings of the Unity theme will be restored.

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