Which widgets are featured in this theme?

Unity theme contains 4 built-in additional widgets to extend the theme's functionality.

Unity Twitter Widget

It is a simple functionality to display the recent posts in your microblog on Twitter.

Unity Social Lnks Widget

The widget displays links to your microblogs in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+.

Unity Register Form Widget

The widget displays the registration form on your site.

To increase security on your site, we recommend installing our plugins Captcha or Captcha Pro. The aforesaid plugins have simple and user-friendly functionality, and provide protection from unauthorized data sending via forms that are used on your site.

Unity Post Scroller Widget

The widget displays selected posts as a list or carousel on a page. The widget displays the image, name and quote selected for the post.

In order to display the list of posts in the form of a carousel it is necessary to mark the necessary menu item in the widget settings. The following settings "vertical scrolling", "scrolling speed", "auto scrolling", "number of scrolled items" and "number of visible items" can only be applied if "Display as carousel" option is marked. Considering the peculiarities of the layout of the theme's main blocks, the "Number of visible items" option only works if vertical scrolling is applied. If you use horizontal scrolling, the number of visible posts equals four.

Attention: when setting the value "number of visible elements," the number must not be less than the number of selected posts to be displayed in the widget.

In order to display a post in the sidebar, where the widget has been inserted, you need to mark "Show the post in Post Scroller Widget" on the corresponding post editing page.

Post Scroller Widget makes it possible to display not only "post" type posts, but also "portfolio", "gallery", "quote" and "tips" type posts. It will be possible to create and edit these post types if you install the corresponding plugins by Bestwebsoft. Read more about software by BestWebSoft.

Unity Recent Posts Widget

Widget to display the specified number of recent posts. Unlike standard Recent Posts Widget additionally displays the excerpt of post.

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