How to add new slides/images to the Wordpress theme slider

Follow the next steps in order to add new slides (images) to your theme slider. This method is applicable to Wordpress themes created by BestWebSoft. Slider can include featured images from the specified Wordpress posts only.

  1. Install and activate the theme.
  2. Navigate to the Wordpress admin dashboard.
  3. Create a new post or navigate to the existing one.
  4. Make sure that your post contains a featured image. We recommend to use large images (image width should be larger than the width of your website content; for example, 1000px).
  5. On the post edit page find and mark the checkbox called "Add to slider". In such a way this particular post (and featured image attached to this post) will be displayed in theme slider. Each post contains its own separate checkbox. And by marking it, you will add this post into the slider as a new slide. You can have as much slides as you want.

Slider is located on the main page and consists of three parts: the name (post title), a brief description (post excerpt) and an image (post featured image).

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