The license key is valid. Your license will expire on 08/24/2018. What does it mean? Why does it say that the license will expire?

When making a purchase you get a license for one year, it includes TOP-PRIORITY support and updates for the first year since the moment of purchase. Learn more

This is clearly stated on our website:



When product license expires, you can extend the license or cancel recurring billing. 

In case of payment cancellation you will no longer receive top-priority support and product updates, however, you will be granted lifetime rights to use the free product. Support will be provided on a regular basis. Learn more

After the license expires, you can continue using the free plugin version.

For your convenience the product bills ANNUALLY until canceled:
The specified date (Your license will expire on 08/24/2024) is the date of the license expiration. You will bill automatically charged on this date and the license will be extended for the next year.

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