On the backside, all the pictures appear but when I try to preview the page, the following messages appears: Warning: include(**/wp-content/themes/**/gallery-single-template.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory. Why?

Please follow the instructions below:

Two files are copied to the template after the plugin activation "gallery-single-template.php" (or "gallery-pro-single-template.php") and "gallery-template.php" (or "gallery-pro-template.php").

If it fails for some reason, you will see the error "failed to open stream". In order to fix this error, you should copy the files "gallery-single-template.php" (or "gallery-pro-single-template.php") and "gallery-template.php" (or "gallery-pro-template.php") from the folder "wp-content\plugins\gallery-plugin\template" (or "wp-content\plugins\gallery-plugin-pro\template") to the template folder "wp-content\themes\your_theme".

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