Captcha doesn't appear (is missing, invisible, doesn't displayed). What can I do to fix it?

Follow the next steps in order to install and configure Captcha plugin for your WordPress website.

  1. Purchase and activate the Captcha plugin.
  2. Navigate to Captcha -> Settings page.
  3. Set necessary parameters on the plugin settings page and save changes.

If you have some problems with captcha in your custom form, then have a look at the following article:

Can I add Captcha plugin to a custom form on my WordPress website?


If you activated captcha, but it is not displayed in the form and doesn't allow you to leave comments/register either ("empty captcha" error) it means that this functionality is not supported by your theme (plugin).

This article related to Captcha by BestWebSoft plugin

Additional resources: Captcha - User Guide

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