I have installed the plugin and I see that it displays the mail of ‘Contact Form’, ‘Sender’, ‘Subscriber’ and ‘Updater’ plugins in its queue. Why is that?

Please make sure you have set mail-capable plugin’s status to in queue on this plugin settings page.
Also, to make this plugin work with other mail-capable plugins you should use the most recent versions of the plugins listed in this question. Please, make sure you use at least the following versions:
– version 3.80 of Contact Form plugin,
– version 1.31 of Contact Form Pro plugin,
– version 0.7 of Sender plugin,
– version 1.0.2 of Sender Pro plugin,
– version 1.1.2 of Subscriber plugin,
– version 1.20 of Updater plugin and
– version 1.11 of Updater Pro plugin.

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