Add Google Captcha (reCaptcha) plugin to a custom form on your WordPress website

Follow the next steps in order to add Google Captcha (reCaptcha) to a custom form on your WordPress website:

  1. Install the Google Captcha plugin and activate it.
  2. Open the file (PHP or HTML) with the form (where you would like to add Google Captcha to).
  3. Insert the following lines to display the Google Captcha.

For PHP:

if( function_exists( 'gglcptch_display' ) ) { echo gglcptch_display(); } ;


<?php if( function_exists( 'gglcptch_display' ) ) { echo gglcptch_display(); } ; ?>

If you have followed all steps, but the problem remains, we can help you to configure your Google Captcha custom form. This will be a paid service since there are a lot of different custom forms and the code should be inserted individually into each of them, so we need some time to study each unique case.

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