I just installed Sender. How do I start using it?

In the Free plugin version you can follow the steps below:

1. Activate the plugin.

2. Go to the plugin settings page (Dashboard -> Sender -> Settings) and edit the necessary options.

3. Go to "Add New" page (Sender -> Add new) and:

- Select the users (by roles) you want to send a mail to;

- Enter the subject and text of the mail;

- Click "Save Campaign" button.

In the Pro plugin version you can follow the steps below:

First, you need to create a letter for your mailout.

1. Go to Dashboard -> Sender -> Letters -> Add New.

2. Select the letter template from the existing ones and click the "Load Additional Data" button or write the letter by yourself. Enter the mail subject and text. Also, you can use the shortcodes given in the tooltip.

3. Click the "Save letter" button. 

Then you should create a mailout.

1. Go to Dashboard -> Sender Pro -> Campaigns  -> Add New.

2. Select the letter you want to send.

3. Select mailing list.

4. Select content for "From" field.

5. Select letter priority.

6. Choose sending time.

7. Click the "Save Campaign" button.

In both plugin versions, you can view a report about mailout. 

Go to Sender  -> Campaigns and check the status of the mailouts.

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