What can the options on the "Settings" tab be used for?

The "Settings" tab includes all the basic plugin settings that allow blocking addresses, displaying notifications and interacting with other BestWebSoft plugins.

"Lock options:". This option includes settings for automatic blocking of the user's IP address for a certain period ("Block address for 'x' days 'y' hours 'z' minutes"), after a certain number of failed login attempts ("after 'x' failed attempts") within a specified time frame ("per 'x' days 'y' hours 'z' minutes").

"Block options:". Here you can find settings for automatic adding of the user's IP address to the blacklist after a certain number of blocks ("Add to the blacklist after 'x' blocks") within a specified period of time ("per 'x' days 'y' hours 'z' minutes").

"Show additional options for block message." This option includes fields for customizing messages displayed in the login form. To display certain variables, you can use their names, which can be found to the left of the field itself.

"Send mail with notifying to administrator". This option enables sending messages to the administrator concerning users recently blocked or added to the blacklist. Also, you can specify the email address these notifications will be sent from.

"Show additional options for email message". Here you can find fields for customizing email messages concerning the blocking of a user. Similar to "Show additional options for block message" block, you can use the names to display certain variables, which are located to the left of the field itself.

"Htaccess plugin". It enables the interaction with Htaccess plugin. All blacklist and blocking data is copied to the .htaccess file, which reduces your website's workload and improves site security.

"Captcha". This option enables the interaction with Captcha plugin. Also, this is where you can specify whether incorrect captcha input should be considered a failed login attempt.

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