How can I update the list of IPs after updating the plugin to V1.0.9?

In Htaccess V1.0.9, we moved all IPs that have been added to ".htaccess" automatically via plugin`s interaction hooks to "automatically added" plugin options. Since this update, they won't be stored in the database but in the ".htaccess" file only. This was made in order to reduce the size of the database.

If you use some plugins that interact with the Htaccess by BestWebSoft plugin (e.g. Limit Attempts), please go the Htaccess settings page and make sure that all IPs from IP lists of this plugin has been moved to "Deny from (automatically added)" and "Allow from (automatically added)" correctly. If some IPs from that lists are still in the "Deny from" and "Allow from" options, please remove them manually and save changes.

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